Gregory Sion EZRA
Curriculum Vitae

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Baker Laboratory
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Tel: 607-255-3949
Fax: 607-255-4137

Date/Place of birth:
September 16, 1953; London, England.

1972-1976 St. John's College, Oxford. B.A. Hons (Chemistry), Class I.
1976-1980 Christ Church, Oxford. M.A., D. Phil.

Awards and Honors:
1972-1976 Sir Thomas White Scholar, St. John's, Oxford.
1976-1980 Senior Scholar, Christ Church, Oxford.
1980-1982 NATO Postdoctoral Fellow.
1982 Ramsay Memorial Fellowship (declined).
1985 Preceptor (with E. R. Grant) of 1985-86 ACS Nobel Laureate Signature Awardee, R. Whetten.
1986-1990 Alfred P. Sloan Fellow.
1987-1992 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Teacher-Scholar.
1988 Medal, International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science.
2008 Fellow, American Physical Society.

1980-1982 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Chicago.
1982-1988 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Cornell University.
1988-1993 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Cornell University.
1993- Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University.

Invited lectures:
Workshop Molecular Structure, Rigidity and Potential Energy Surfaces, Bielefeld, 1980.
Symposium on 3-Body Problem, DEAP Meeting, New York, 1981.
International Symposium Symmetry and Properties of Nonrigid Molecules, Paris, 1982.
International Workshop Intramolecular Energy Transfer and Quantum Chaos, Rochester, 1985.
19th Jerusalem Symposium on Quantum Chemistry, Tunneling, Jerusalem, 1986.
Symposium Recent Advances in Chemical Dynamics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1986.
Symposium Computational and Mathematical Chemistry, Canadian Chemical Congress, Saskatoon, 1986.
Sixth International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, St. Louis, 1987.
Gordon Conference Simple Systems in Physics and Chemistry, 1987.
Symposium Nonlinear Processes in Chemistry, ACS National Meeting, 1988.
Symposium Nonlinear Effects in Dynamics and Kinetics, ACS NERM, U. Maine, 1988.
Gordon Conference Atomic and Molecular Interactions, 1988.
Symposium Frontiers in Molecular Vibrations, ACS National Meeting, 1988.
Utah Workshop on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, U. Utah, 1989.
NSF Workshop Frontiers in Spectroscopy and Dynamics, Princeton, 1989.
Workshop Transport Problems in Nonlinear Dynamics, Los Alamos, 1990.
3 lectures, Adriatico Summer School Quantum Problems, International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, 1990.
Meeting Quantum Chaos, 65th Rutgers Statistical Mechanics Meeting, 1991.
Symposium Nonlinear Phenomena, ACS Regional Meeting, Great Lakes, 1991.
7th International Conference on Quantum Chemistry, Menton, 1991.
Workshop Visualization of Invariant Structures in 4D Symplectic Maps, Geometry Center, U. Minnesota, 1992.
3rd Drexel Meeting Quantum Nonintegrability, Drexel U. 1992.
Workshop New Developments and Challenges in Two-electron Atoms and Ions, JILA, 1992.
Gordon Conference Simple Systems in Physics and Chemistry, 1993.
Workshop Chaos in Quantum Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, ITAMP, 1993.
Meeting Applications of Chaos in Many-Body Physics, INT, Seattle, 1994.
Workshop Symmetry, frames and gauge potentials in atomic and molecular physics, ITAMP, 1995.
Symposium, Highly-excited states, ACS National Meeting, Florida, 1996.
Workshop Classical-quantum correspondence, Mesilla, 1997.
Plenary Lecture, Symposium Theory of nonrigid molecules, Sanibel, 1997.
Meeting Nonlinear Dynamics and Molecular Spectra, Warwick, 1997.
Workshop Quantum Integrability , ITAMP, Harvard, 5/98.
Meeting Hamiltonian Dynamics in Chemistry and Celestial Dynamics, AMS, San Antonio, 1/99.
Conference Geometrical Structures of Phase Space in Multidimensional Chaos: Applications to Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Complex Systems, Kyoto, 10/2003.
Workshop: Molecular dynamics, thermostats & convergence to equilibrium, Edinburgh, 11/08.

Workshops organized:
Rotation-Vibration Interaction and Large-Amplitude Motions, Telluride Summer Research Institute, 1987.
Classical and Quantum Transport in Hamiltonian Systems (with S. Wiggins), Cornell University, 1989.
Dynamical problems in Theoretical Chemistry, (with S. Wiggins), SIAM Meeting, Utah, 1992.
Symmetry, Frames and Geometric Phases in Atomic and Molecular Physics, (with R.G. Littlejohn), ITAMP, 1995.
Fundamental Aspects of Deterministic Thermostats: Phase Space Structure, Dynamics & Geometric Integration (with A. Sergi, S. Wiggins), CECAM, 2009.

Royal Society of Chemistry
American Chemical Society
American Physical Society

Editorial Boards:
Journal of Nonlinear Science (1990 - 1997)
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry (1990 - 2000)
Advances in Physical Chemistry (2008-- )

Research group and collaborators:
Graduate students
Craig Martens, Ph.D. 1987, currently Professor, U.C. Irvine.
Laurence Fried, Ph.D. 1988, currently Staff Scientist at Livermore Lab.
Jong-Hyun Kim, Ph.D. 1992.
Gomathi Ramachandran, Ph.D. 1993, currently Research Scientist, AT&T.
Robert Manning, Ph.D. 1994, currently Associate Professor, Haverford College.
Carlos Arango, Ph.D. 2005, currently Assistant Professor, U. Icesi, Cali.
William Kennerly, Ph.D. 2005, currently Visiting Professor, Siena College.
Sarin Deshpande, Ph.D. 2007, currently at Intel, Wa.
Joseph Stember, Ph.D. 2007, currently Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell Medical School.
Postdoctoral research associates:
Bobby Sumpter, 1987-1988, currently Staff Scientist at Oak Ridge.
Richard Gillilan, 1988-1990, currently at CNSF.
Keith Atkins, 1992-1994 (NATO Fellow).
Robert Hinde, 1993-1994 (NSF Postdoctoral Fellow), currently Professor, Dept. Chemistry, U. Tennessee.
Srihari Keshavamurthy, 1995-1996, currently Associate professor, IIT Kanpur.
Masateru Tsuchiya, 1996-1999, currently Associate Professor, Keio University.
Scientific visitors:
Prof. Jesus Santamaria, Complutense U., Madrid. Summer 1983, 1984, 1987.
Mr. A. Garcia-Ayllon, Complutense U., Madrid. 1986-1987.
Ms. Coral Getino, Complutense U., Madrid. 1987-1988.
Prof. F. Borondo, Autonoma U., Madrid. Summer 1988, 1989, 1993.
Prof R. Benito, Autonoma U., Madrid. Summer 1988, 1989.

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